Economic Development and Diversification Waiver

Program Purpose

The Economic Development and Diversification In-state Tuition Incentive may be offered by the Economic Development & Tourism division of the Office of the Governor to qualified businesses that are in the decision-making process to relocate or expand their operations into Texas. The incentive allows employees and family members of the qualified businesses to pay the Texas resident tuition rate at a Texas public institution of higher education without first establishing residency if the business became established as part of the state's Economic Development and Diversification Program not earlier than five years before the relevant enrollment date.

How a Business May Qualify for the Incentive

The city or county or economic development group of the Texas region in which the business will locate or expand should initiate a letter of request for consideration to the Executive Director of the Economic Development & Tourism division of the Office of the Governor. The letter should outline how the criteria below are met and indicate the approximate number of employees to be transferred, approximate wages to be paid and the estimated capital investment of the project.

Once a company is approved, the company is listed on this website. To view the current list of approved companies, click on the Company List.

Criteria used in the evaluation of an expansion or relocation project will include, but are not limited to:

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Institutions

Limited to public institutions only.

Application Process

Contact the registrar's office on your campus for information and assistance.

Additional Information