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To complete an application for a College Access Loan or Texas Armed Services Scholarship or to view account information online, users are required to create an online account. Instructions are provided below within How to Apply.

Applicants can electronically sign and submit their applications online with a valid Texas Driver License (DL) or a valid Texas Identification (ID) Card. During the online application process, applicants who do not have a valid Texas DL or ID will be prompted to print, wet sign, and submit their completed applications by mail.

If you are unable to access online information because of a disability, please contact us.

How to Apply

To apply for a College Access Loan or to complete your application for a *Texas Armed Services Scholarship, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Welcome/Login webpage

2. To begin, select Login\Create Account.

Sample of Login Create Account Link for HHLoans Apply Online Webpage

3. If you already have an account, enter your User Name and Password on the Account Login screen; select Forgot Password/Unlock Account or Forgot User Name if applicable. 

Sample of Account Login Dialog Box for HHLoans Apply Online Webpage

4. If you do not have an account, select Create Borrower/Cosigner User Name to create an online account. 

Sample of Create User Name Link for HHLoans Apply Online Webpage

5. To start your application, once logged in to your online account, select Apply Online\Continue App (student borrower) or Cosign a Loan (cosigner). 

Sample of Apply Online Cosign Loan Links for HHLoans Apply Online Webpage

*A Texas Armed Services Scholarship application must first be initiated by your institution before it becomes visible within your online account to complete. For additional application steps, visit the Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program (TASSP) webpage.

Note: Incomplete applications will be deleted after 45 days.

Eligibility Information

Visit the College Access Loan (CAL) Program and Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program (TASSP) webpages for loan and scholarship eligibility requirements.

Internet Browser Compatibility

Our system is compatible with the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer (6.0 or newer version), Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Other Terms and Conditions

The online application and account servicing features of our website are secure and use of these services requires an internet browser that encrypts data submissions.

The data accessible through this site is current as of the end of the previous business day. Online account information is as up to date and accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee, and we expressly do not warrant, that the information supplied will be error-free. If you encounter an error or problem, please contact us.

This website can change without prior notice. This website, including all content, data information, loan and scholarship account information, and links to outside loan service providers, is provided “as is.”