Texas B-On-Time (BOT) Loan Program

The Texas B-On-Time Loan program is a zero-interest loan. Only renewal awards are available. The institution's financial aid office will determine renewal eligibility. Eligible students can complete an application and promissory note at Loans Online.

Renewal Eligibility Requirements

To maintain eligibility for future disbursements, the student must

Annual Loan Amounts for 2016-2017

Forgiveness Requirements

Forgiveness may be granted if the student receives an undergraduate degree or certificate from an eligible institution and the student meets certain requirements:


Forgiven B-On-Time loans must be reported to the IRS as taxable income.

Where Can I Get More Information?

For more information, review Coordinating Board Rules, Chapter 21, Subchapter E, or contact our Borrower Services Department at:

Austin Metro: (512) 427-6340
Outside Austin Metro: (800) 242-3062
Email: Borrower Services